Intermediate happens to be the most crucial phase in every students’ life, a phase which goes on to become the turning point in a students’ career. It is therefore imperative that one choose the right kind of an institution that caters to every need of a student. A good college is exactly what is required to provide the student with equal levels of knowledge and motivation at this stage.

We at SREE KASYAP therefore took it upon ourselves to fulfill the needs of aspiring students and came up with the ultimate junior college. With just the right elements that would help you take the right decision, Sree Kasyap comes to you as an educational institution that will work hard to set the platform from where a student’s career can be launched. Our motto is to make studying an enriching and an interesting experience for the young minds, thereby making college life more fulfilling for both the students and their parents.

To add to the advantage of aspiring students, we ensured that the location of the College is ideal and congenial to the learning process. Classrooms are spacious and well equipped with subject related flow charts, illustrations and graphs to make learning more interesting.